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Come here, boy...

Come here, boy...

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I only follow other sex workers, SJ blogs, some nerdy blogs. WARNING: I POST A LOT ABOUT INTERSECTIONAL FEMINISM.
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  • tushbutt reblogged your post and added:

    im not familiar with drew deveaux or this person at all but can you/someone tell me what a better way to explain this answer would be? 

    like, how could this same thought be expressed just as well without being transphobic and gross?

    not defending the author or arguing anyones point i just can’t think of any other way to put what they said

    I’m not a trans woman, so I can’t really say what is and isn’t transphobic/transmisogynistic, only parrot what I’ve learned. Some trans folks think that even saying you don’t like penises is transphobic, and my statement in my reply [“don’t care that you prefer pussy to dick”] may also be reinforcing that. So, the question would best be directed to someone else. In the end, though, her last 2 paragraphs were filled with cis misinformation.

    The question that was asked mentioned trans women as a whole, but she only addressed pre/non op trans women who have penises. Did she even consider the transwomen without cocks in her reply? If she’s actually turned off by penises alone, she would have mentioned this in her reply, but she didn’t. She just went on and on about “male bodies” and “female bodies”, only reinforcing the transphobic bullshit she’s using to defend her answer.

    Someone else?

    “ Don’t you know that slavery was outlawed?”
    “No,” the guard said, “you’re wrong. Slavery was outlawed with the exception of prisons. Slavery is legal in prisons.”
    I looked it up and sure enough, she was right. The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution says:
    “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”
    Well, that explained a lot of things. That explained why jails and prisons all over the country are filled to the brim with Black and Third World people, why so many Black people can’t find a job on the streets and are forced to survive the best way they know how. Once you’re in prison, there are plenty of jobs, and, if you don’t want to work, they beat you up and throw you in a hole. If every state had to pay workers to do the jobs prisoners are forced to do, the salaries would amount to billions… Prisons are a profitable business. They are a way of legally perpetuating slavery. In every state more and more prisons are being built and even more are on the drawing board. Who are they for? They certainly aren’t planning to put white people in them. Prisons are part of this government’s genocidal war against Black and Third World people ”

    —    Assata Shakur’s autobiography (via the-uncensored-she)

    (via muchanimal-veryfeminism-wow)

    I pretty much exclusively reblog other sex workers selfies because listen

    if I’m gonna reblog a hottie, it’s gonna because it helps get them cash and make rent

    sure there’s some hot people I see crossing my dash, but for me, they don’t fit my blog… my blog is about intersectional feminism and social justice

    and what better social justice is there than helping uplift other sex workers?

    Is there ANY circumstance in which you would shoot with a trans woman?

    Asked by Anonymous


    Behind the camera? Sure, if I was hired to do so. Although I prioritize my own stuff, I’m definitely available for hire as crew to work on other people’s projects, as is my wife (we usually work as a team). As I’ve said before, I was a cam op on a TS/girl scene with Kara Price and Juliette Stray and I’ve had trans/genderqueer people in non-sex roles in a movie or two. I don’t have any desire to put trans women in sex roles in lesbian porn. I’ve actually worked very, very hard for my opportunities as a director and I see no reason to squander them on somebody’s else’s political fight rather than my own artistic goals.

    In front of the camera? Unequivocally no. I’ve said this a fuck-jillion times…

    The nexus of desire and profit in porn is complicated. Like every human, there are things that turn me on and turn me off about different people. Some of those things are physical and some are personality/energy based. You’ve probably heard me say that I find something attractive about everyone I work with and focus on that. I do. Most of the sex I have on camera is pretty damn good - but I’m not always super into my costar and she’s not always super into me. I’m super into porn, though, and I really like getting paid for sex. Sometimes, the chemistry isn’t naturally there and I have to manufacture it. I can almost always show a girl a pretty good time, but it’s not uncommon for me to work with girls who aren’t particularly into women. A lot of the sex I have on camera, for money, wouldn’t necessarily happen off camera, for free. On a good day, porn feels like getting one over on the universe. (I can’t believe I just got paid for that!) On a bad day, it feels like hard work. I’ve done scenes with lazy, disinterested performers with whom I had to use every fucking trick in my book to get them to open up and be real with me, or to get a scene done at all.

    What I don’t want is a situation (and fuck, man, I’ve seen enough of this to never want it to happen to anyone) where it feels like a violation, where it feels like selling out, where porn is a fucking record of my fucking regret, out there for the world to consume. I have definitely fucked people I didn’t particularly WANT to fuck, but I’m not ok with fucking people that I fundamentally DON’T want to fuck if that makes sense. There’s a spectrum of desire from “no” to “whatever” to “I’d die to fuck you” right? I’ll round the “whatever” up to “yes” but I will not fuck the “no”. I don’t always get to pick my scene partners, but I can pick the “kind” of scene partner I work with.

    People get on me about that time I backed out of a scene with Drew Deveaux. I felt incredibly bad about that - I really value my professionalism and I had never (and since then have never) flaked on a scene in my entire career - but I was deeply uncomfortable with the idea of having sex with Drew. My response to the situation wasn’t great. I got really drunk and passed out, then woke up the next morning and wrote Drew this histrionic email about what an awful person I was. Looking back on it now, I am glad I didn’t do the scene, since I really didn’t want to, but I wish I had just pretended to be sick.

    Look, I don’t want to fuck men or any kind of male bodies regardless of identity (and save it, hunty, your feelings don’t make your penis actually a female reproductive organ anymore that it makes that “otherkin” over there actually a cat. Sex and gender are different). So I don’t. I’ve left a lot of money on the table on by remaining girl/girl only.  I have turned down some very serious offers to shoot boy/girl or to escort for men. Money isn’t my central motivator.

    During this whole stupid shitstorm, I had a whole bunch of people tell me that my being honest about my sexual desires was bigoted. That being solely interested, sexually, in women with female bodies was bigoted. That I needed to “examine” my desires, as if I haven’t done that my whole fucking life. It’s profoundly stupid. I’m a 29 year old lesbian who has grown up in public in a lot of ways - I went from being this callow butch college grad to a prolific performer, multiple AVN award nominee, multiple Feminist Porn Award winner and successful director all while people watched both my successes and my failures. I have taken a lot of shit from a lot of people and I don’t back down. I know — I really, fundamentally know — who the fuck I am and what the fuck I want.

    don’t care that you prefer pussy to dick, your wording is transphobic and gross

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