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Come here, boy...

Come here, boy...

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I only follow other sex workers, SJ blogs, some nerdy blogs.
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  • katiepepperoni:


    tbh i’m not really feeling the “imagine that she were your mother/sister/daughter” approach to teaching men how to respect women because women have value and dignity as human beings completely independent of some kinship to a man. and lets not act like a whole array of misogyny abuse and disrespect doesn’t occur within familial relationships so…

    I said this like a week ago, but this is way more clear cut of a point then my words.

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    10 Ways to Show Support to Other Sugar Babies…



    1. If an SB posts pictures of herself - you can either like it or be glad its not you. But you DO NOT BASH IT. It takes confidence and bravery to show yourself when you are among wolves. How many of you don’t post pictures of yourselves, but comment about others who do? I don’t care if its of your feet, teeth, booty or new dress…good for you!

    2. If an SB posts pictures of “gifts” she has gotten on a Pot date or an SD date, whether its in person, online or in the mail…you like it. It was FREE! I do not care what the gift was, she didn’t use her own money to buy it. Isn’t that part of Sugaring101?

    3. If an SB is seen slandering a fellow SB publicly, stop and ask yourselves "Will my two cents makes this situation better or worse?" and "What kind of SB role model do I want to be, positive or negative?". When we see drama starting, please send out gentle reminders that we are all on the same team and SHUT IT DOWN. Do not add to the hysteria as we are most likely not seeing the whole picture.

    4. If an SB is doing something that you feel is “salty”, whether it is or isn’t, you can :

    * Send her a message and offer her suggestions on how to learn new behaviours, examples of other SB’s posts or sources on how to improve her Sugaring skills.

    * Provide her with examples of links on where to find more information and on who/where to ask for help.

    * If needed you can mention that she may be stepping into Escorting territory/pay for plays and to give that some thought as it is not a traditional arrangement BUT that it is still a respected arrangement. It’s learning to call a spade a spade and “a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet”.

    * You can mind your own business and accept that you are not her. She is not you. Each arrangement will work differently. As long as she is happy, not hurting anyone and getting paid…then good for her!

    5. If an SB accepts an allowance that is lower than you would, you do not have to worry about it as it is not YOUR allowance. Instead, tell her that’s awesome! As any money is good money when it’s not your own.

    6. If an SB choses to have sex with her SD, you say “GET IT GIRL” and go back to eating your ice cream. I like chocolate mint the best.

    7. If an SB has had 20 Pot dates and is still searching for a Sugar Daddy, YOU CLAP FOR HER! She has shown that she is determined, strong-willed, and is not giving up the fight easily. She is gaining experience and will be able to offer first hand tips to other SB’s who are fighting the fight.

    8. If an SB is standing at the top of the non-existent SB hierarchy ladder, calmly remind her that the same people she ran into on her way up, will be the same people she will meet on her way down…add a 😊 at the end. Moral = be nice to everyone.

    9. If an SB meets her Pots or SD’s on CL, SD4M, EM, AM, SA, MT etc…it doesn’t affect you. Is she safe, being treated right, experiencing new situations, being respected, happy and getting paid? Then WHO CARES? Keep up the good work!

    10. If an SB is different from you by any means, such as his/her: hair, skin colour, eye colour, educational background, religious choices, height, weight, choice in music, choice in clothing brands, what she drives, where she lives, preferences in make-up brands, whether she paints her nails or buys them, her shoe size, pant size or her choice of activities she engages in with her SD… etc etc etc…Praise the LORD that we are all unique and not the same old boring thing.

    It is 1am here, so forgive me for any typos or important points that I have left out. Please feel free to add on!

    Please read and pass on

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    My revamped Financial Domination is finished (take a look), and it’s as gorgeous as I am, to be completely honest. It’s one of the many surprises I had up my sleeve for Spring, and there are 4 more, yet.

    There’s a PTV game and a cash counting vid for sale, for those who really want to see what I do with that fat fan of 3k up there~

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    I feel like sex workers can write more interesting “What Men REALLY Like from Women” lists


    Ditch that red lipstick! Just step on an eggplant nice and slowly, crush it with your bare feet!

    Skinny jeans?? Ew! Try instead putting his penis in a chastity cage and electrocuting his anus with a violet wand!

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